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Hemp is a sustainable, eco friendly plant with amazing properties. When Hemp was first found in the 1100s in India, they were originally used to cure diseases. However sometime after this Europe and America used Hemp to produce Marijuana. Governments therefore decided to pass laws that strictly controlled the planting of Hemp. This unfortunately has led to the plant being often overlooked for its beneficial use as an amazing fibre to use in making textiles.

Some South East Asian communities have used Hemp for a very long time and is a plant that is connected to their culture and traditions. Almost every aspect of their daily lives involves Hemp. clothing, hammocks and blankets are only some of the things that are made from Hemp fibre. When they are old they make special clothes from Hemp fibre, which is worn when they pass away because of belief’s this will send them to heaven. Therefore hemp has been a very important part of these people’s lives and they still are today.

It has also been discovered that the fibre from hemp was used to make the cloth used to wrap the mummies of ancient Egypt. This fibre from Hemp was very strong and protected against bacteria, fungus and dust mites. It could also maintain the temperature of things wrapped inside. All these attributes assured that the mummy would be preserved in a perfect condition.



Pollution Free: Hemp is such a robust plant that it can grow almost anywhere at any climate; it hardly needs fertiliser, herbicides or pesticides so it reduces the pollution to the earth, air and water. Hemp itself actually cleanses toxins from the ground, under a process called phytoremediation. Chemical pollution can also be significantly reduced if hemp is used for clothing, as 50% of the world’s pesticides reside in cotton fields.

Sustainable Agriculture: Not only can Hemp be grown without fertiliser it also replenishes soil with nitrogen and nutrients, increasing the topsoil and restoring the health and fertility of the soil.  Also Hemp plants have long roots that firmly hold the soil which help control soil erosion.Thus making Hemp farming a sustainable form of agriculture.

Carbon Sequestration: Due to its fast growth, Hemp may also be useful in carbon sequestration – absorbing carbon from the air and storing it back into the earth.

Clean Industry: Processing hemp fibre for paper and cloth does not require chlorine that produces dioxins as it does with wood or cotton fibres. The paper industry that today mostly uses wood pulp has now become the 3rd largest polluter. Switching to hemp fibre will make an immense improvement to our Earth.



Eco Fuel: As biodiesel fuel, hemp fuels emit 80% less carbon dioxide with almost no sulphur dioxide compared to fossil fuel. This makes hemp fuels less harmful to the ozone layer, generating less greenhouse gas nor causes acid rain that is contributing to global warming and climate change. Hemp fuel has been found to be 10 times less toxic than salt and as biodegradable as sugar!

Water-Saving: Hemp plants help the water crisis that the Earth is facing now, as it does not need much water to grow. Compared with other wood and cotton plantation, that require much more water.

Land: Saving 1 acre of usable hemp fibre is equal to the usable fibre of 4 acres of trees or 2 acres of cotton. Using hemp could save the land cleared for agriculture means meaning Hemp production could reduce deforestation. A hemp crop can be harvested in just ninety days, while trees take around twenty-five years to replenish themselves.

Durable Products: Hemp produces stronger fibre than most other plants and can be recycled many more times than other products can. Therefore hemp products are supporting the ever growing concept of the “reuse, reduce, recycle” way of living.

Oxygen Release: Hemp trees are proven to release greater amounts of oxygen than any other harvested crop. Thus helping the process of revitalising clean air.